We have achieved a lot but we continuously strive to do more.

We have the social goals, we have the product, we have the customer base, we now need your support to expand internationally and create Weaving Destination as a Global Symbol for Women Empowerment

There is more work to do. Weaving Destination wants to be pro-active.

Training and educating young women can protect them from human trafficking and the centres want to continue to expand this aspect of their work.

There are many women and children in the remote villages of Bodoland who can benefit from accessing the centres for antiretroviral treatment and other needs.

To date the eri-silk fabrics and products are all left in their natural colours varying from white to soft beige. Plans are underway as soon as resources allow to build a vegetable-dying plant.

There are lots of competitors marketing Indian-made textiles to global audiences but Weaving Destination is unique in reinvesting the profits back to the women creating the products.

You can help by…

Purchasing our products and spread the word if you like your purchase. You can also leave your feedback here.

– Invest in Weaving Destination – Invest in Social Fabric for Change: We would love to hear from you if you are interested.

Contact us for wholesale or bulk orders. Our women can weave tailor-made designs, motifs and patterns.

– Expanding within India or internationally – we constantly strive to set up new centres.

– Carrying our products in your store. Do you have a shop – online or physical? Contact us if you are interested in our fabrics and products for your store and/or catalogue.

– Helping us in establishing a vegetable-dye plant. Contact us for more information and details if interested.

– Making a donation to Weaving Destination or NEDAN Foundation. Your donations to NEDAN Foundation are subject to income tax exemption. Contact us for more information.