Name of the Weaver: Sumi
Education: Standard III

Sumi, aged 29, from a village in Chirang district has been working in Weaving Destination from 6th April, 2014. She grew up in extreme poverty and had to drop out of school at a very early age. She studied till standard 3. At very young age she got married and after one year, unfortunately her husband passed away in a road accident. She was left all alone at home without any care and support from her in- laws. So she was forced to return to her parent’s home. Sumi’s family is very poor. Her father worked as a daily-wage labourer and mother is a housewife. So he was unable to support Sumi. Without any support and means for survivor, Sumi fell in the hands of a trafficker due to her vulnerable state.

The trafficker befriended her and took her to Delhi in 2013 to employ her in a company. She worked in one of the companies of Delhi for 3 months, unaware that her friend (trafficker) was planning to sell her. After 3 months, Sumi wanted to return back home, to her village with her salary, she was already sold off and the trafficker had fled away with the money he received by selling her. She was trapped and locked in a centre in Delhi with no chance to escape. She always tried to escape but didn’t have the luck to get out. After 4 months she got the chance to escape from their and managed to run from the centre. After that she came to Delhi old station but she didn’t have any money to buy ticket. Fortunately, she met some people from Assam, and on hearing her story, they gave her some money to call her parents and bought her ticket to return home.

In December, 2013 she came back home and narrated her story to her family and villagers. On 27th February 2014, NEDAN received information about Simi from one of the villagers. On receiving the information, staff from NEDAN went to meet Simi and her parents to provide help and livelihood support. Based on her interest, Sumi joined Weaving Destination.

In Sumi’s words…


I have found a home in Weaving Destination as now I live here at the Weaving Destination campus, and earn about INR4500 (£45) per month. I have made friends here and we all live like a family here. We will never leave our village if we find good job here itself. We feel safe and supported at Weaving Destination

Sumi BTC, Assam

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