Name: Sarola (name changed)
Fathers name: Tarun Basumatary
Education: VII
Total family members: 6

Sarola Brahma is a native of a village in Kokrajhar District. She is a survivor of domestic abuse. She was married off to an unemployed youth at a very young age when she was only 12 years and gave birth to two daughters at a tender age. Her husband was working as a daily wage labourer in the neighbouring village and a sole earning member of the family. The expansion of family with two daughters put financial constraints on the family. Therefore he migrated to city in South of India for better job prospects with higher income. Several years past but Sarola did not get any news from her husband and neither did he return home. Sarola moved to her parent’s home with her daughter, in absence of any support and means to live. One day after 7 years he returned, took their two daughters along with him and remarried to another girl. Sarola was left alone, depressed and unhappy. She moved out of her parent’s home to lead an independent life and to start all over again, in Sarola’s words, “closing the dark past of abuse and isolation behind”.

Sarola came to Weaving Destination in search of Job like others in her village and was appointed in Weaving Destination on 6 February, 2010.

In Sarola’s words…


I am 32 years old and have a happy and independent life. I earn INR 7000 (£70) to INR8000 (£80) per month. I am very happy as I can support my parents and also save part of my earnings in Women’s Bank made available for the Weavers at Weaving Destination. I am now happy to lead an independent life and am able to come out of bad times that I suffered for so many years of my life. I have worked as a weaver in other weaving center but I was not satisfied regarding the pay, accommodation and working environment. But after joining Weaving Destination, I liked it and I never want to leave this place.

Sarola BTC, Assam

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