Name: Nirola (name changed)
Education: VIII
Total family members: 6

Nirola Brahma joined Weaving Destination on 10th April 2010. She was from a very poor family background and married off to an unemployed youth. After a year, their married life didn’t work well and she got separated at the age of 25 years. After separation she used to live with her parents and siblings. At that time she was in trauma due to separation and worried about means to raise her daughter now being a single parent with no means of any income or livelihood. After few months of her separation, she came to Weaving Destination in search of job. She was not very skilled, however Weaving Destination being a home for vulnerable and women-in-need, knowing Nirola’s condition, appointed her as a Weaver. After joining Weaving Destination, she wished to stay at Weaving Destination. During her stay, she picked up skills in weaving and started earning.

In Nirola’s words…


I am happy to live at Weaving Destination. Not only I earn a living and live a life of dignity, but being with other weavers, I have been able to come out of my trauma of separation from my marriage. I now earn INR7000 (£70) to 8000 (£80) per month. I send part of my income to my parents and have managed to give good education to my daughter who now stays and studies in a boarding school. I am very fortunate to be able to stand on my feet and support my daughter in her studies.

Nirola BTC, Assam

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