Name: Laimwn Brahma (name changed)
Education: V standard (Class V)
Total family members: 8

Laimwn Brahma, 26 years, is a native of Kokrajhar district, BTC, Assam. She dropped out of school at class five because of poor financial background as her father was a wage labourer. They lived hand to mouth – did not have much to feed the family members. Therefore Laimwn, at the age of 13 years was employed as a domestic worker in different houses from her childhood as soon as she dropped out of school. Despite working in a number of houses as a domestic worker, she was paid very little, which was not sufficient for survival of her family. And in spite of working for a number of years, she had no savings to secure her families or her own future. Being helpless, she looked for a number of jobs and was offered jobs outside Kokrajhar or Assam, which she did not want to take up. She did not want to leave her family and did not feel safe going to a different town or city to work.

One day in search of job she reached Nedan Foundation. In conversation with the support staff, it was learnt that she is skilled in weaving and therefore was referred to Weaving Destination. She was very happy to visit Weaving Destination and was appointed as a Weaver at Weaving Destination on 20th of June 2011.

In Laimwn’s words…


After I started working in Weaving Destination, since June 2011, my life took a new turn. It brought a silver lining and a ray of hope in my life. I earn INR4500 (£45) to INR7000 (£70) per month. I am happy as I feel independent and lead a life of dignity. I can easily support my family and my brothers in their studies. I also manage to save some money at the end of each month. I have never enjoyed such a warm and friendly environment before like it is at Weaving Destination. I have developed a special bond with Weaving Destination and have many friends here.

Laimwn BTC, Assam

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