Our Fair-Trade Principles

The women’s involvement and products are based on the fair trade principles, where women are engaged as partners in their own socio-economic development. The products are made of organic raw materials, including use of vegetable natural colour dyes and non-violent eri-silk rearing practice. Several competitors market Indian-made textiles to global audiences but fail to achieve market presence within the customer base, develop appealing products and reinvest their profits back to the women creating the products. This is what sets Weaving Destination apart as it is grounded within the customer base and uses innovative social marketing techniques to generate business.

Weaving Destination is accountable to customers and to the women who create the textiles by employing business strategies of transparent accounting, ethical working environments and involving the women within its board and management. The women continue to be partners in the revenue generated through trading and part of it is reinvested in further expansion of Weaving Destination as well as developmental and welfare activities for women, children and overall community through NEDAN Foundation. This helps to build capacity and create sustainable employment opportunities on an on-going basis for vulnerable and at-risk indigenous young women. Weaving Destination also facilitates HIV treatment access for HIV-positive women who live in remote villages.